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About SUIC Beneway

A Decentralized Supply Chain Financial Platform

Suic Beneway is a global digital asset management platform under Beneway Group, headquartered in the New York. SUIC Beneway is committed to developing supply chain financial services based on blockchain technology, creating a decentralized financial ecosystem to assist PSP partners to explore innovative business models.

Beneway Group

The new age banks are generally fintech-based financial providers that are challenging traditional banks. The new age focus is to create efficiencies in the traditional financial delivery system where financial transaction costs are lowered and the customer attains more value. Attaining value could be in two folds; from great speed leveraging on technology and by reaching a much larger customer segment especially in the rural and underserved corners of the globe.

Beneway is unique in a way it has articulated financial products that fills the gap for the Business to Business market segment that traditional banks generally do not offer. Beneway works very closely with Fintech players.

The financial delivery system is studied in great detail and with innovation in mind, Beneway’s management team focus towards the new age banking era is certainly a welcoming effort for its various stakeholders.

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